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Zoe Clark-Coates is a CEO, charity founder, counsellor, media commentator, PR, event and marketing expert, grief specialist and author. Having trained as a counsellor over 20 years ago, she then took the business world by its collar and founded three companies. She has worked with corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, BUPA and many others on their Event, Marketing and PR projects. Having proved her credentials within the corporate arena, she then founded a not-for-profit division of one of her businesses, which quickly launched as a stand-alone charity. Now as co-founder and CEO of the international charity The Mariposa Trust (, she has become a figurehead for the charity, and leads a team of 220+ passionate people, supporting people through the painful journey of baby loss. As a strategic visionary, she engineered the rapid expansion of the charity, and it quickly became one of the leading support organisations in the UK. Zoe is a campaigner for change and is changing the ‘taboo’ nature of baby loss, on a social and governmental level. Her first book named 'Saying Goodbye' was published in 2017, and it has stayed in the charts ever since its release.
The Saddest Pixabay

The Saddest Week

I have never really spoken about this day; it’s hard to know where to start really. It was a cold but sunny March day. My
16/01/2018 12:07 GMT
The Terror Of Pregnancy Post

The Terror Of Pregnancy Post Loss

If you are one of the 700 mothers and fathers who lose a child each day in the UK, you will be all too acutely aware of the traumatic effects upon your life. What most people do not talk about however is what happens if you get pregnant again, because for many women they enter a period of fear and anxiety, that can paralyse their life.
11/10/2017 13:04 BST
98% Of Men Want More Support For Partners Through Baby

98% Of Men Want More Support For Partners Through Baby Loss

Approximately 700 babies are lost each day in the UK during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, yet baby loss remains a secretive and deeply traumatic experience for parents. For men, however, the level of support they receive has been severely lacking.
10/10/2017 14:56 BST
Fearing For Our

Fearing For Our Children

So many of us are now left with questions... A big one for me is what we can say to our children who fear to live on a planet where terrorism is now a daily occurrence and how do we raise them to not live in fear?
25/05/2017 15:03 BST
To The Doctor Who Heard My Silent

To The Doctor Who Heard My Silent Scream

You thought I was silent, but I was screaming so loudly it deafened my ears. A silent scream... a scream someone can only produce when their world has just imploded in front of their eyes. A scream so loud, so powerful it cannot be heard by human ears.
02/04/2017 18:57 BST
The Minefield Of

The Minefield Of Miscarriage

Well you never know what support, or lack of support, will be offered to you. You have no idea whether those around you will say helpful things or hurtful things, so as you are walking on this uncharted and terrifying path you are constantly waiting for a bomb to be detonated.
12/01/2017 12:29 GMT
My Secret

My Secret Miscarriage

So those are my reasons. That is why I didn't tell anyone we had lost our first baby for quite some time, in fact it wasn't until we lost our third baby that we became much more open about our journey to have children.
12/01/2017 11:53 GMT
Where Is Helen

Where Is Helen Bailey?

I met Helen when we were both guests on <em>BBC Breakfast</em>. She was kind, compassionate and so easy to talk to. Of course we then stayed in touch, and I quickly learnt about her work and how her blog and Facebook page offered comfort to many grieving widows.
23/04/2016 20:21 BST
EastEnders: The Danger of Trivialising

EastEnders: The Danger of Trivialising Miscarriage

So of course I understand why a script writer may leap to the conclusion that this is an ideal storyline to cover a fake pregnancy, however for those of us who have lost a child through miscarriage it's a slap in the face!
29/03/2016 14:31 BST
Finding Joy After the

Finding Joy After the Tears

First let me state being happier that does not mean I don't miss my children, as I do. It also does not mean I am glad to have gone through loss, as I am not. I wish with my whole heart they were now with me and I would gladly hand back the lifelong journey of grief.
01/02/2016 10:23 GMT
Allow Our Children to

Allow Our Children to Grieve

Yesterday you spoke on Radio 4's Today programme, and said children are not permitted to take more than one day off school if a family member dies. I think we were not the only people who sat open mouthed as these words came from your mouth.
11/12/2015 11:54 GMT
The Year That Didn't Go as

The Year That Didn't Go as Planned

So at the start of the year the plan for this post was to list 40 amazing things we did... however we only did two things, so now this post will be much deeper and instead I will list 40 things, my 40th year on earth reinforced or taught me.
07/12/2015 12:04 GMT
This Is My

This Is My Truth

If you have lost a baby can I encourage you to share your story and speak your truth....Every person who joins us, is publically stating I want to help break the silence and my story matters and my babies life mattered however short it may have been.
09/10/2015 16:19 BST
Every Baby

Every Baby Matters

People constantly ask us 'What can we say to make it all better?' The answer is 'you can't make it all better, but you can be there and you can keep talking about it and let them know you will always be available to listen.'
06/10/2015 17:36 BST
Mark Zuckerberg We Salute

Mark Zuckerberg We Salute You

Well who knew Mark Zuckerberg talking about his and his wife's miscarriages would cause such a media frenzy?
04/08/2015 15:15 BST