20/11/2014 06:49 GMT | Updated 17/01/2015 05:59 GMT

How to Stress Less When Running a Business


Stress and business is something that is going to happen especially when you think about the modern pressures to constantly improve, increase revenue and develop inline with trends; in fact research has suggested that up to 40% of business owners will lay awake a night attempting to process business related data.

What is stress? Stress is a naturally occurring chemical imbalance built into our body to allow us to function when the time calls. It's triggered when we need to perform at a higher level of attention and responsiveness. Unfortunately within business, with tighter deadlines and demands many business owners opt to work at this level more than the body is able to cope with, thus displaying the stress symptoms and inability to deliver.

If you're suffering from stress then you're not alone

These are the symptoms of stress most-likely experienced within business (not definitive): weight gain, insomnia, increase in temperature, an inability to function, limited focus, general lethargic feeling and increase in aggression...

If your symptoms include any of the above then avoid jumping for stress relieving medication, first implement one, more or all of the following Tips On How To Deal With Stress When Running A Business; most of these easy to follow steps will show a reduction in stress within just 5 days and allow your body to return back to its natural functions.

How To Deal With Stress When Running A Business:

Step 1. Avoid synthetic stimulants - this includes coffee, nicotine, energy drinks and anything else that increases your ability to perform outside of your natural balanced zone. Emotional highs and lows are largely a result of "FAKE" stimulants - if you have become dependant on these then implement a plan to reduce them gradually over the next 10 days.

Step 2. Increase your intake of water, fresh vegetables, fruits and protein. Nutrition is essential when working on your stress busting strategy - with an increase in chemicals and poor gut bacteria, your nutrition is highly important - remove all refined foods and chemicals and stabilise your eating patterns. Eat small and often, utilising this break as time out away from your desk.

Step 3. Exercise increases natural stress fighting chemicals and is key when re-aligning your stress-free life. If you "lack the time" then re-prioritise your day and ensure that you implement at least 40 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week (minimum). Lead from the front; make some adjustments with your health and noticeable differences will happen within just 3 weeks.

Step 4. Remove yourself from your business environment at for at least 30 minutes per day to reflect and breathe. This time out will increase your ability to think rationally and oxygenate the blood. If you feel the need then download some relaxing tunes and completely "zone" out.

Step 5. Act before it gets worse, as a proud nation we like to be more reactive than active when it comes to our health. If you're at the stage where your emotions are getting the better of you then act today, the worse you get the more those around you and your business will suffer.

Step 6. Add communication strategies - sometimes this isn't a viable option, however from my own past experiences this works especially well once it is up and running. Set some clear and precise goals with the timescales that you will communicate back to others - with technology so readily available there can be the pressure to respond and prioritise replies randomly throughout the day - publicise availability and expected response times.

Remember the choice is yours to live with or without stress

In summary - Use stress to your advantage, manage it correctly by returning your body to its well-balanced functioning ability. When you're stressed your immune system is generally reduced, protect your business by reducing stress daily.

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