16 Hacks To Totally Blitz That Summer Hangover From Hell

There'll be no 'hair of the dog' here.
Shift your hangover more quickly with these useful hacks
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Shift your hangover more quickly with these useful hacks

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Bottomless brunch, happy hour, and full-bottle wine nights are great, until you wake up the next morning feeling like your head is gonna explode.

Gone are the dreamy days when you could drink as many margaritas as you wanted and feel fresh as a daisy the next day. In their place, sits the hangover from hell – sometimes even stretching into a two-day hangover extravaganza.

Your go-to hangover cure might be to take up residence on your sofa, Deliveroo a McDonald’s, and down gallon after gallon of orange juice, but is that really the best approach to beating your hangover?

The truth is that, besides drinking less the night before, there’s no exact science to curing a hangover – experts aren’t even sure what causes all the symptoms in the first place.

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to make managing one a little easier. We’ve rounded up some simple self-care methods that should help you to shift that hangover a little faster.

Swipe this menthol balm across your forehead for quick headache relief
If you’re struggling with a post-night out headache, this menthol stick will work quickly to reduce head pain. Simply swipe it across your forehead and on your temples, and within a couple of minutes you should start to feel relief.
Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water
Alcohol causes dehydration, so it's imperative that you drink plenty of water to ward off more. This one litre water bottle features reminders of when to drink, making it ideal for boosting your water consumption.
Pop this transdermal, vitamin laced patch on
Formulated with a cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, this stick-on patch will stop your head pounding and protect your liver, tacking toxins. Wear it for up to 10 hours to see the best results.
Get your caffeine fix without too much effort
While drinking too much caffeine when you're hungover could make things worse, a little caffeine kick to boost your energy levels shouldn't hurt. This easy-to-use pod machine is super simple to use, and brews a totally delicious coffee.
Freshen up with this deep cleansing shower gel
Hangovers naturally make us feel gross. Taking a shower and using a refreshing shower gel, like this spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus offering that's ultra hydrating for your skin, can be a great way to aid your recovery.
Beat alcohol-related anxiety with a weighted blanket
Feeling anxious after drinking is common. A weighted blanket can help. Featuring anti-anxiety technology, this weighted blanket offers a comforting and gentle weight that encourages your nervous system to switch off and relax, helping to regulate your heartbeat and relax your muscles.
Stock up on sports drinks to increase hydration
For beating dehydration, sports drinks like Gatorade are ideal. They're packed full of electrolytes and vitamins, and act as power re-hydrators.
Fill up on a tasty cooked breakfast
This all-in-one breakfast pan will turn cooking that hangover breakfast into a total breeze. This non-stick, cast iron pan is ideal for making an easy – and stress-free – breakfast.
Give yourself a vitamin boost with a glass of OJ
Orange juice has an acid-neutralising effect when the body metabolises it, as well as providing a powerful shot of potassium, which is great if you're suffering after a drinking session. This compact mini juicer makes squeezing fresh orange juice quick and mess-free.
Say goodbye to that nasty night out after taste with a lollipop
For getting rid of that post-night out alcohol after taste, sucking on a lollipop is a game-changer. These Chupa Chups fruity pops are my personal hangover go-to.
A cold water swim can work wonders
If you're feeling a little delicate, going for a swim might be the last thing on your mind. But, submerging yourself in cool water can help you to feel better. This wrap around swimming costume is ideal if you fancy going for a post-night out swim.
Freeze this gel pack and apply to head or neck
Whether you’re struggling with nausea or a nasty hangover headache, this gel pack is sure to come in handy. For quick relief, place the frozen pack on your forehead or the back of your neck.
Keep your headache at bay with a cold compress
This chill-able, reusable eye mask is ideal for popping over your eyes when you’re feeling a little delicate. Simply submerge the compress and cover in water, squeeze out any excess water, and apply to closed eyes.
Whizz up a smoothie to replace lost nutrients
Up your potassium and magnesium – two of the things your body loses when drinking alcohol – levels and say goodbye to your hangover with a homemade banana smoothie. This mini smoothie maker is wonderfully compact, highly powerful, and comes with a handy on-the-go bottle.
Beat your hangover with a boost of hydration
One of the main reasons hangovers can make us feel rough is dehydration. Pop one of these orange-flavoured electrolyte, hydration tabs into a bottle of water and you should start to feel a little better. They're vegan, low calorie, and come in a range of flavours, and are packed full of immune-boosting vitamin C.
Plug in a Firestick for some Netflix and chill
And if all else fails, give yourself licence to vegetate on the sofa and binge watch all those TV shows you wanted to catch up on – this Amazon Firestick will give you easy access to your favourite streaming services in one handy hangover-proof remote. And remember, this too shall pass.