Struggling With Sweat? These Are The Products You Really Need This Summer

These are your go-tos for stopping sweat in its tracks.
Put a stop to summer sweating with these game-changing products
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Put a stop to summer sweating with these game-changing products

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If the heatwave we’ve just had is anything to go by, summer has arrived. But if you’re someone who sweats like crazy the minute the sun comes out, this can be a nightmare season to navigate. You can feel restricted to dress a certain way to avoid sweat marks and stains – or you might even avoid going out.

While everyone sweats, and it’s a normal and healthy bodily function, that doesn’t make it any less annoying or embarrassing. Whether it’s damp armpits, stinky feet or sticky palms, excessive sweating can be tricky to deal with.

The good news: there are lots of sweat-banishing products that can help to reduce the signs and smells of sweat – and these picks are some of the best options for preventing your sweat-related concerns. From chafing to body odour and dampness, we’ve got you covered.

This 48-hour antiperspirant spray
This invisible deodorant stops sweat in its tracks and lasts for up to 48 hours. It's dermatologist-tested, free from alcohol and comes in two formulas – one for men and one for women.
This antiperspirant in a stick
If you're more of a stick type, try this. it's dermatologically tested and the advanced deodorant balm puts a stop to sweating, while also controlling odour.
This odour control body wash
Take this body wash into the shower and you'll be sure to keep sweaty odours at bay.
This vegan and all-natural foot spray
Formulated with feet in mind, this vegan deodorant spray features cooling menthol and provides long-lasting protection against foot odours.
This hand saving lotion
Say goodbye to sweaty, clammy hands with this moisturising antiperspirant that's been formulated to reduce perspiration, even after hands are washed.
This anti-chaffing deodorant
For men who struggle with summer chaffing, this intimate deodorant is the one. Formulated to put a stop to sweating and chaffing, this deodorant keeps you feeling fresh and clean, even on the warmest of days.
This max strength antiperspirant
This clinically tested, extra-strong formula offers protection that’s both long-lasting and reliable, with just one application preventing sweating for up to five days.
This intimate deodorant spray
This spray is ideal for staying fresh on warmer days. Formulated to be talc-free, it's both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, as well as being gynaecologically approved.
These handy wet wipes
For freshening up on warmer days, these pH-balanced intimate wet wipes cleanse, freshen and deodorise – and are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
This sweat and chaffing defence
This cream-to-powder formula prevents chafing and sweat-related friction, while also hydrating and nourishing skin.
This hand and foot antiperspirant
Struggle with slick hands and sweaty feet? This antiperspirant lotion is a game-changer. Once applied, it quickly stops perspiration in its tracks, leaving feet and hands dry and odour free.
These sweat blocking wipes
Ideal for on the go, these antiperspirant wipes are formulated to be clinical strength, reducing underarm sweat for up to 7 days after each use.
This 24-hour foot spray
Keep your feet sweat and odour free with this anti-perspirant foot spray that deodorises and refreshes.
This seven-day antiperspirant cream
For week-long protection, this hypoallergenic antiperspirant cream is a game-changer. When applied to armpits, the cream quickly dries leaving you feeling fresh and clean.