21/09/2018 06:00 BST

5 Cute Animal Stories To End The Week: Sushi Cat And The Peekaboo Cockatiel

No one come near the king, unless it's for strokes.

What a week it’s been for animals! Heart warming for sure, but have no fear,  also a week for the odd and wacky. 

1. The Newshungry Cockatiel

All you might reasonably expect with your morning coffee and newspaper is a digest of the latest happenings in the world – not a punk saying peekaboo. If only every publication came with a cockatiel. Print is not dead, it seems. 

2. Cat King

How many times have we watched a cat speed down a road only for said cat to turn on its paws and run for its life? Not this cat. With children and teenagers zipping around on their skateboards and scooters, this majestic character has been protected with four mini traffic cones. No one come near the king, unless it’s for friendly strokes.

3. 400’s A Crowd

Reptile enthusiast Philippe Gillet has some rather unusual housemates – 400 of them, in fact, including a couple of 2 metre alligators. This big happy family also includes tarantulas, rattlesnakes and a giant tortoise. It’s a real-life Reptile House.

4. Baby Steps

Our first steps usually see us stumbling a few centimetres towards our parents before we end up on our front again. But for this newborn in Valencia, Spain, things got a little hairier. The zebra foal stepped forth and ended up falling into some nearby water, almost drowning, until some zookeepers helped return it to its worried mother.

5. The Sushi Ch(i)ef

Why wear a floral head band when you can wear last night’s sushi dinner? This cat is keeping warm for winter with a crown of the fishy dish. Fintastic.