14/11/2017 10:28 GMT | Updated 14/11/2017 11:23 GMT

Amazon Responds To Claims Its Festive Advert 'Ruined Christmas' For Children By Not Featuring Santa

Here's what to say if your kids have any questions.

Amazon has responded to claims its festive advert, which implies Santa does not bring presents to kids, has “ruined” Christmas.

The online retailer stated that the toys brought home by parents in the advert were a “few extra presents” to “give a little love” to kids. 

A segment of the advert, titled ‘Give A Little Bit’, shows a dad walking in with a handful of presents for his children.

While they are running around upstairs, the dad sneaks into a back room and hides the gifts from them.

Some parents were outraged by the advert, claiming the magic of Christmas was “ruined” for their kids as the advert does not show Santa delivering the presents. 

Many aired their views on Twitter. 

Amazon has provided an explanation parents can use if their children see the advert and wonder where Santa is.

An Amazon spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “Father Christmas and his elves are no doubt working around the clock to get presents to girls and boys around the world.

“These are just a few extra to give a little love from parents.”

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