Amy Schumer's C-Section Scar Is Smiling At Us – And We're Here For It

The 38-year-old revealed for the first time that she’d had the procedure.
Josiah Kamau via Getty Images

Amy Schumer is carrying on with her mission to show the realities of pregnancy and post-partum life – and typically, she’s making us smile while she does it.

The 38-year-old comedian posted a photo of her c-section scar to Instagram Stories, revealing she’d had the procedure for the first time.

But she made sure we were all seeing the funny side, and added a pair of eyes and blonde curly hair for comic effect.

Amy Schumer/Instagram

While there were some who, oddly, criticised her for having a c-section, branding the procedure “lazy, unnatural and traumatic”, others leapt to her defence.

“Asking why [she had a c-section] is rude,” one commenter wrote. “It’s nobody’s business why! There is nothing ‘lazy’ about a c-section. Nothing. Way to mum-shame.”

And it’s clear Schumer’s determination to show what parenthood is really like is winning over thousands of fans. One mum thanked her for being so “raw and vulnerable about the realities of post-partum life”.

“There is so much pressure placed on new mums to “bounce back” and it’s not real life,” she wrote. “You’re doing amazing and you’re amazing.”

Schumer, who had baby Gene in May, has posted regular updates to social media about pregnancy and motherhood.

She showed herself running across a field completely naked with a huge baby bump; shared a tongue-in-cheek Beyoncé-inspired nude photoshoot; and posted a video demonstrating her struggle to carry out the simple task of putting a pair of socks on.

The new mum even posted a candid shot of herself pushing Gene in his buggy outside, wearing nothing but her hospital underwear.

Isn’t she brilliant?