Art Students Produce Brilliantly Crafty Budget John Lewis Christmas Advert

It's not #BounceBounce, but it is cute.

A group of creative students challenged with producing a budget version of the John Lewis advert in just six hours have created a brilliantly crafty spoof.

Students from the London School of Communication Arts were given just £600 to produce a parody John Lewis video by MyVoucherCodes.

The advert sees characters from the #BounceBounce video recreated in wool, felt and cardboard, including everyone’s favourite pup, Buster the Boxer.

They students even recorded their own Buster vocal track for the video.

<strong>Art students produced a spoof of the John Lewis add in just six hours</strong>
Art students produced a spoof of the John Lewis add in just six hours

Rollo Skinner, one of the students who produced the video, said: “We’re very flattered that our video is being used for this campaign. Everyone in advertising treats the John Lewis advert like a public holiday, so to be able to do something this reactive was a fantastic challenge and one we had a lot of fun doing.

“We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction and it was of course lovely to see a few grown men playing with dolls all afternoon.”

This year’s real advert features the story of a little girl and her dog who both love to bounce, set to a version of Randy Crawford’s One Day I’ll Fly Away.

Buster the dog can be seen watching longingly as wild animals enjoy jumping on Bridget’s new trampoline the night before Christmas - but the boxer finally gets his chance the next morning and is watched wide-eyed by his human companion as he finally gets a go.

And here’s the real thing, so you can make up your own mind which is best:

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