#EnemiesOfThePeople Article 50 Hashtag Sees Twitter Users To Share The 'Real' Enemy Of Britain

'People who put After Eight wrappers back in the box.'

Friday’s Daily Mail front page in response to the successful Article 50 challenge declared the three High Court judges responsible “enemies of the people”.

<strong>The Daily Mail's front page</strong>
The Daily Mail's front page

The High Court ruled Theresa May cannot trigger Brexit without first consulting Parliament, a decision which left many Leave supporters furious.

The British public however, had their own suggestions of who they felt deserved the label instead...

Forget Brexit, there are some who really don’t respect the will of the people:

Those who just want to watch the world burn:

Those who don’t understand the basics of electronic communication:

People who struggle to grasp the basics of the English language:

People who have zero tact:

Those who clearly don’t understand great British food:

Some who just don’t understand what’s important:

And a range of other monstrous behaviours: