Hungry Baby Sucks On Statue's Breast During Museum Trip Prompting Mother Into Hysterics

Free food? Nice.

When a hungry baby is ready for milk, there's no stopping them.

Well that's definitely true of this little tot, who launched himself forward when he noticed a bare-breasted statue at a museum.

Initially looking at the boob with fascination, the baby then decided to suck on it while his mum laughed behind him in hysterics.

We can only imagine the confusion when he realised no milk was coming out, sadly.

The two photos were uploaded to the Life Of Dad Facebook page on 28 June.

"This museum has free snacks!" the caption read.

Hilariously, dads related to the photo.

"My son would definitely do this," one dad wrote.

"This would totally happen with my daughter," wrote another. "Beautiful moment showing natural instinct. I love it!"

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