31/03/2017 09:58 BST

Men Are Not Happy With 'Demeaning' Baby Onesie Aimed At Dads: 'We Don't Babysit, We Parent Too'

'This makes me irrationally angry.'

A dad was left pretty miffed when he came across a children’s onesie that instructed men how to dress their baby.

Reddit user Voldemort_Putin shared a photo on the ‘Daddit’ community with the caption: “This shirt is bullshit”.

The onesie had the words: “This shirt is Daddy-proof” on the front with arrows pointing to wear the baby’s head and arms go.

It also had an arrow pointing down directing dads to where the onesie pops together. Hmm.

“This kind of crap is demeaning to everyone involved,” one person wrote.

Another dad commented: “This makes me irrationally angry. 

“I agree, this is stupid. Hate the stereotype that dads can barely hold it together with kids. I am a super-involved dad.

“Like someone else mentioned - we don’t babysit, we parent too.”

Another user commented: “This is so patronising. How did this actually reach the shelves in whatever shop it is?”

Other dads took this as an opportunity to mention other “sexist” things that have happened to them while looking after their kids.

“Stay-at-home dad here from the UK and I’ve had ‘you’re babysitting’ comments a lot more than I was expecting in the year I’ve been at home,” one dad wrote.

“I’m in London too, which you would think would be more liberal and forward thinking.”

A dad from Australia commented: “This is like when I took my kids to the aquarium while my wife was out of town and received tonnes of comments about ‘Where’s mum?’ and ‘You have your hands full’.

“My kids are pretty well behaved and we had a good time with no incidents, but I was a bit annoyed.”

A dad from America wrote: “I hate it when there is not a changing table in the men’s toilets. I had to ask an employee to use the women’s restroom and the manager asked me to use my car.”

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