Corbyn Vs Smith On Question Time In Funny Tweets

'A UKIP voter talking utter fucking nonsense. There's a change.'

Thursday night’s BBC Question Time Labour leadership special was billed as a highly-anticipated head-to-head between Labour Leaders Jeremy Corbyn and rival MP Owen Smith.

Only it seems some people didn’t get the memo.

There were some people who seemed excited at the prospect though.

At least we think that’s Corbyn and Dimbleby.

Obviously there were accusations of bias before it had even got underway.

Anyway, once it got going the speculation of who would be victorious was rampant.

This chap even took the trouble of drawing a rather fantastic cartoon of the confrontation.

Anyway, Twitter was ready.

There was concern for Corbyn.

Ukip made an appearance courtesy of possibly the longest audience question ever asked on the show.

Then, 30 minutes in the awful reality set in.

It really was Labour at its best.

So who won? Corbyn or Smith. Well...


Remarkably, the end credits provided the highlight of the entire show as most of the audience flocked to Corbyn leaving Smith looking a little dejected.

And we all know who the real star of the show was.

The verdict? Mr O’Hara summed it up nicely.

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