Woman Writes Open Letter To Customer Who Assumed She Was Pregnant

When will people learn?

There are few things more awkward than when a stranger assumes you're pregnant. Seriously, the weight of the silence that follows could sink a boat.

One woman didn't just receive a one-off comment however; after being at the receiving end of it for some time, she took to Reddit to write an open letter to the latest insensitive dork who asked her when she was due.

"I've gotten very skilled at smiling and saying "Oh, I'm not pregnant, ma'am", and then going back to what I'm doing in a way that forgives you for your error," she wrote.

However this time was different.

The author had recently lost weight and was feeling positive about her body: “I want to tell you that I just wrote an essay about how for the first time in a long time I feel good about my body, but that now I'm finding myself feeling the need to apologize for it."

“With your one question you have made me question my sense of reality, my sense of self, and literally every outfit in my closet.”

Although the questioning upset the author, she mentions her friends who have suffered with infertility and miscarriage and how asking them the same question would have had far more tragic consequences.

“For them, your questions would have felt so much worse. Thank goodness you asked me and not one of them.”

Writing the letter, the author wanted to remind everyone that unless you are 100% certain a woman is pregnant you should reserve the right to comment, even if you do mean well.

“Unless she has just told you that she is pregnant or you see the baby coming out of her body- please do not ask or make comments.”

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