Boris Johnson Is Ready To Resign And The Internet Has Gone Wild

Even Stephen Fry has weighed in.
Stefan Rousseau - PA Images via Getty Images

Boris Johnson is finally preparing to resign after a record-breaking number of ministers quit his government – and the internet has been set alight.

More than 50 Tory MPs have resigned since Tuesday, at 6pm, although the prime minister did initially refuse to step down.

Up until Thursday, he was repeatedly claiming that he still had a “colossal mandate” from the 2019 general election – where the Conservatives did win by a landslide – and that he would “carry on”.

However, everything seemed to change this morning.

He spoke to the Conservative 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady and agreed to stand down, meaning a new Tory leader should be in place by the time the party conference rolls around in October.

While Johnson is yet to make an official statement, Tory MPs are already pushing back against the idea of him staying in as an interim prime minister before his successor is replaced.

While the details of the prime minister’s resignation are yet to unfold, the internet has already jumped into action.

Here’s a round-up of the best reactions.


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