Boris Johnson Uses 'Star Wars'-Esque Force Powers To Knock Over Cameraman - Could He Be A Sith Lord?

"Use the force, Boris."

Ever noticed anything strange about Boris Johnson?

Twitter user Alistair Higham has shared some rather damning footage that seems to prove the former London Mayor might be a Sith Lord, as he appears to use The Force to knock over a cameraman.

The four-second clip caught the attention of 'Have I Got News For You' on Friday night, prompting Ian Hislop to say "for the first time, I'm actually frightened".

The panel, which also featured regular Paul Merton and special guests Samira Ahmed and Ross Noble, went on to discuss Boris' time on the anti-EU campaign trail.

The team debunked a metaphor-laden photo opportunity where he and a fellow Vote Leave campaigner Douglas Carswell burned a giant cheque in a furnace, pointing out several inaccuracies in the stunt.

WPA Pool via Getty Images

To watch the full episode of this week's 'Have I Got News For You', click here.