Revealed: Leaked Draft Of PR Plan For May's Brexit Deal

Dominic Raab to declare "moment of decisive progress" and vote on the deal to take place November 27, according to note.

MPs will vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal on November 27, an email leaked to HuffPost UK suggests.

Information from a draft communications plan - or ‘grid’ - used by the Department for Exiting the European Union (DexEU) sets out how ministers plan to bolster support for a deal the Prime Minister could strike within days.

Downing Street has said the plan “doesn’t represent the Government’s thinking” and denied its details are accurate.

The plan claims Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will trumpet a “moment of decisive progress” once cabinet reviews the deal, after which the proposed agreement will be leaked to journalists.

“The narrative is going to be measured success, that this is good for everyone, but won’t be all champagne corks popping,” the email reads.

This will be followed by ten days of “sherpa meetings” with EU negotiators before May tells the CBI conference on November 19 that “we have delivered on the referendum”.

Details of a draft comms grid to drum up support for Theresa May's Brexit deal have been leaked
Details of a draft comms grid to drum up support for Theresa May's Brexit deal have been leaked
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It is then thought the meaningful vote on the deal will be held on November 27 after weeks of campaigning and a visit to Scotland, the north of England, Northern Ireland - pencilled in for the same date as the DUP annual conference on Saturday November 24 - and Wales.

Ministers are expected to appeal to MPs to back the deal calling it a “historic moment” and calling on them to “put your own interests aside, put the country’s interests first and back this deal”.

The note says Number 10 will seek the support of business leaders, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and that the Cabinet Office will publish an explainer setting out “what it means for the public, comparing it to no deal, but not to our current deal”.

Asked to respond to the leaked email, a Government spokesman said: “The misspelling and childish language in this document should be enough to make clear it doesn’t represent the Government’s thinking.

“You would expect the Government to have plans for all situations — to be clear, this isn’t one of them.”

Full text of alleged DexEU comms plan for November:

Cabinet reviews the deal this Tuesday, the 6th November. They expect all the details to then leak.

‘A moment of decisive progress’ will be announced this Thursday. Raab to announce. The narrative is going to be measured success, that this is good for everyone, but won’t be all champagne corks popping. Then there’s recess until 12th.

After the announcement of decisive progress there follows the 10 days of Sherpa meetings with EU 27 and then daily themed announcements.

19th – ‘We have delivered on the referendum’ PM speaks at the CBI conference. Saying this deal brings the country back together, now is the time for us all to unite behind it for the good of all our futures etc. She will also hold a business reception.

This is the day both the Withdrawal Agreement and Future Framework will be put to parliament by way of a statement from Raab who will also do media. Junior ministers are doing regional media all day. Government lining up 25 top business voices including Carolyn Fairbairn and lots of world leaders e.g Japanese PM to tweet support for the deal.

20th – Theme is Delivering for the Whole of the UK – PM to visit the north and or Scotland and the Commons will debate in business motions the date of the Meaningful Vote. PM will be back in the house to vote.

The Cabinet office publishes its explainer of the deal and what it means for the public, comparing it to No Deal, but not to our current deal.

They’re targeting another 100 business leaders to come out and back it e.g Adam Marshall from Chambers of Commerce and supportive voices in devolved regions like Andy Street and Andy Burnham. Also hoping to get 3rd Sector voices out supporting it.

21st – Theme is Economy, Jobs, Customs. Philip Hammond to open debate in Commons and Raab to close it. Institute of Directors to speak out. Hoping for Stephen Martin, Martin McTeague etc

22nd – Theme is Immigration – take back control of our borders. Home Sec doing media and visits, Raab on QT in the West mids. Government hoping Mike Hawes of SMMT will speak out in favour along with influential voices from the rest of the world saying how great this is for the flow of global talent.

23rd – Theme is money – NHS funding and structural funds. Matt Hancock hospital visit. David Everett to welcome the deal alongside Tech For UK

24th Theme is Northern Ireland and The Union – no hard border in the UK and the integrity of the Union is protected. PM visits border communities and businesses in NI and maybe also to Wales to visit agri and export businesses. Karen Bradley doing media. Trying to get Varadker to support and Anand Menon and Henry Newman too.

25th – Theme is global Britain. We can strike trade deals with RoW. Also lumping security in to this one. Speech from Liam Fox. Jeremy Hunt on Marr. Miles Celic to come out in support (of The City UK). Lining up lots of former foreign secs to come out in support and Mark Littelwood of the IEA (barf).

26th – theme is taking back control of our laws. Raab doing media. PM interview with Dimbleby.

27th- morning theme is agri and fisheries. Gove doing a visit and media.


28th: Another 100 business leader voices come out in support.


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