6 Headlines Proving Brexit Is Not All It Promised To Be: 'Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Had?'

Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.

More than five years after Britain voted to leave the EU by a narrow margin, it has not escaped many people’s notice that Brexit is failing to live up to the reality Brexiteers had promised.

As the shortage of fuel at some petrol pumps continues, energy prices skyrocket, a natural gas shortage looms and supermarket shelves remain empty, it’s not hard to blame the crises on leaving the EU.

It’s important to note that Brexit is certainly an exacerbating factor, but other international issues are also at play.

Still, here are six ways the people feel Brexit promises have fallen short.

1. Food bills creeping up

Pre-Brexit: A front page from October 18, 2016 promises: “Cheaper food after EU exit.”

The article continues: “Breaking free from the EU will send the cost of food tumbling, economic experts said.”

Post-Brexit: A front page from October 11, 2021 reads: “As Britons face Christmas shortages, top boss deliver wake-up call. Stark warning get used to higher food bills.”

The article continues: “Shoppers were given a sharp wake-up call yesterday over soaring food prices.”

Best For Britain’s Twitter account also compiled another four other examples of how times have changed since the UK left the EU.

2. Future of farming

Pre-Brexit: An article from Express.co.uk, published on March 21, 2017, reads: “Idea that farming will collapse after Brexit is absurd.”

Post-Brexit: Another headline from Express.co.uk published on June 22, 2021, reads: “Farming disaster: Brexiteer admits many farmers will go out of business due to EU exit.”

3. Fishing wars

Pre-Brexit: An Express.co.uk headline from 2016 read: “More reason to leave: Brexit Britain to take back control of its fishing waters.”

Post-Brexit: An Express.co.uk headline from March 2021 reads: “We didn’t vote for this! Fishing collapse as UK firms go bust and exporters flee to EU.”

4. Mobile roaming charges increasing

Pre-Brexit: An Express.co.uk headline from October 2016 reads: “Cheaper food after EU exit: Consumer boost as experts now say that prices will come down.”

Post-Brexit: Another Express.co.uk headline from March 2021 reads: “Food shop alert as your supermarket bill set to soar due to EU red tape.”

Headlines from The Sun
Headlines from The Sun
The Sun

5. Gas bills soaring

Pre-Brexit: The Sun Online’s exclusive from then-former Mayor of London Boris Johnson back in May 2016 with the headline: “EU’ll never believe it: Boris promises cheaper houeshold gas bills if Brits back Brexit”

Post-Brexit: The Sun Online’s headline from October 2021 which reads: “Gastastrophe: Why your gas bill is about to soar and what you can do about it”

The Sun's headlines from 2018 and 2021
The Sun's headlines from 2018 and 2021
The Sun

6. NHS is struggling

Pre-Brexit: The Sun Online’s headline from June 2018 reads: “Brexit health bonanza: NHS to get extra £384 million a week – that’s more than on the Brexit battle bus.”

Post-Brexit: The Sun Online’s headline from July 2021 reads: “Social care wage raid: Boris and Rishi eye National Insurance hike to pay for social care – smashing Tory manifesto promise.”


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