Turns Out Your Pet Could Be Putting Your Relationship In Jeopardy

Good girl.
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Nothing can replace the love of a pet. You won’t understand it until you have a pet yourself but Brits as a nation love theirs. Not only do we love them, we trust them and their decisions.

83% of Brits believe their dogs have psychic abilities and can read their mind, according to new research from pet-sitting service, Rover.

According to a study of over 1,000 dog parents in the UK, almost two-thirds of respondents have let their dogs decide something for them because of their trusty intuition.

So it’s not really a shock that several Brits are dumping their partners because of their furry little friends. The We’re All for Pets 2023 Report reveals the lengths we will go to for our beloved pets.

The study, which was commissioned by Pets at Home found that pet owners have ended as many as two relationships purely because their pet didn’t get along with their other half. Yikes.

Two-thirds of those surveyed admit they have dumped, or are on the brink of dumping, a partner because their pet didn’t like them.

Younger people and women were more likely to finish a relationship because of their pets.

Brits really do look to their pets for guidance as the study found that more than half of pet owners say they trust their pet’s gut instinct when it comes to people, with 48 percent agreeing that their companion is a good judge of character.

This isn’t really surprising considering half of Brits see their pet as part of their family, with one in four going a step further and claiming that they and their beloved animal come as a package deal when dating. Some Brits are going as far as taking their pets on dates with them.

Forget introducing your partner to your parents or your mates, Brits are more concerned about bringing their potential love interest in front of their trusted animal companion.

“We are a nation crazy about our pets – they bring so much joy to our lives and, because of that, it really is no wonder we value their opinion so much when it comes to building romantic relationships,” Dr. Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets at Home, said.

She shares that a common sign of a cat showing affection is rubbing their head on you or rolling over and showing their belly but that shouldn’t be taken as an invitation to touch it.

“And if dogs wag their tail then they’re showing they have warmed to you, so look out for these on first meetings with pets,” she adds.

Would you let your pet choose your next partner?