A Lot Of Brits Think Their Dogs Can Read Their Minds. Do You?

The nation's ‘pawranormal’ pooches are even making decisions for their owners.
Tatsiana Volkava via Getty Images

If you’ve got a pooch, you probably worship the ground they walk on because – let’s face it – they’re extremely special.

So special, in fact, that 83% of Brits believe their dogs have psychic abilities and can read their mind, according to new research from pet-sitting service, Rover.

According to a study of over 1,000 dog parents in the UK, almost two-thirds of respondents have let their dogs decide something for them because of their trusty intuition.

And more than a quarter of Brits believe their dog is more intuitive than their friends, their partners and even themselves.

Dog lovers are letting their furry friends determine which path they should take on a walk, and what to eat and they’re even allowing them to make life-changing decisions for them.

More than one in 10 get their dog to decide whether to forgive someone who has wronged them or if they should buy the house they’re interested in.

Other pet parents even get their dogs to help them select lottery numbers and scratch cards.

Though it might sound strange, Brits say they find comfort in letting their dog decide things for them. A further one in 10 people believe their dog has a good track record of making good decisions on their behalf, so they trust them implicitly.

How do these Brits know when their dogs are on to something? Owners say their ears prick up or they’ll bark to get their attention. This is closely followed by them giving ‘paw’.

The research also reveals moments successfully foreseen by ‘pawranormal’ pooches.

From the weather forecast to more niche predictions such as what type of gift a loved one would prefer, or when the postman is exactly one road away – 5% of those polled even said their dog has even correctly predicted the winner of Eurovision.

Who’d have thought it?

Top ten things successfully predicted by dogs:

  1. The weather (26%)
  2. Something good was going to happen (22%)
  3. Something bad was going to happen (22%)
  4. An illness (19%)
  5. Pregnancy (19%)
  6. An unsuitable partner (14%)
  7. Gender of unborn child (10%)
  8. A sports result (9%)
  9. A marriage proposal (7%)
  10. A new job offer (7%)