17/02/2017 12:07 GMT

Brown's #CoolToBeKind Campaign Is The Positivity The World Needs Right Now

Your parents were right.

We know your mum taught you that it is cool to be kind, but it doesn’t always feel that way when you give up your seat on the tube to then be crushed by a thousand commuters.

Fashion retailer Browns are using their platform to remind us all of the important of not just self-love but stranger-love too.

And it couldn’t be more timely as today (17 February) marks Random Acts Of Kindness Day in the UK. Well played guys.

Bringing some much-needed kindness to London, just in time for London Fashion Week, this campaign seems timely as well as poignant.

Inspired by the viral #NotesToStrangers campaign, which saw positive messages left in random telephone boxes and pavements around the capital, Browns are decorating their windows with the same coloured post-it notes. 

Recruiting the artist behind the campaign, Brixton-based Andy Leek, to takeover their shop windows on Molton Street and Sloane Street from the 15 February. 

Some of the current signs being displayed - which the brand hopes people will take selfies with - say things like “passion is magnetic” and “kindness is sexy”, and will be replaced throughout the week with equally awesome phrases.

Holli Rogers, CEO of Browns told InStyle: “I believe that energy spreads to our customers too and I hope that this campaign brings some joy to people’s lives, if even in a small and hopefully meaningful way. Connecting is such an important part of life.”

The stores will also be giving away free stickers with the slogans: ‘Confidence looks great on you’ and ‘Be yourself, it is easier’.