Stress Shopping? These 12 Buys Will Actually Help You Feel Better

If you're going to spend, do it on something that'll *actually* help you destress and find focus.
Little things that will help to reduce feelings of stress
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Little things that will help to reduce feelings of stress

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Ever find yourself aimlessly stress scrolling, looking at random item after random item? We’ve all been there.

The chances are that you’re feeling stressed out and as a result, you’re seriously unproductive. So, in a bid to help fix the issue – or just make yourself feel better – you start shopping.

Stress scrolling for hours and buying random items you really don’t need isn’t the answer. If you’re going to shop, at least think about what might actually help you to chill out and get your shit together.

Take it from someone who’s a seasoned stress scroller and shopper, there are some items that really can make a difference, and others that just aren’t worth wasting your money on. I’ve rounded up a few buys that really can help.

This stress-reducing journal
For those days where you just can't seem to shake the stress – and all those unpleasant feelings that come with it – a journal can be a godsend. Writing down how you're feeling can help to make managing difficult emotions a little easier.
These squeezable stress balls
Find yourself struggling to express your feelings of stress and frustration? These multi-strength stress balls work like a dream, helping you to quickly expel feelings of stress, helping you to feel calmer and more in control.
These noise cancelling earphones
For reducing stress and boosting productivity, noise-cancelling earphones that help to block out distractions can be a game-changer. These rechargeable ear buds work to effectively block outside noise.
This heated neck and shoulder pad
Find that your neck and shoulders tend to tense up when you're stressed? This heated, wrap-around neck and shoulder pad is sure to be a winner. It'll help you feel relaxed and keep tension headaches at bay.
This beginner's cross stitch kit
Creative activities can be seriously successful at reducing feelings of stress - especially when they allow you to channel feelings of frustration and anger. This simple cross stitch kit is absolutely perfect for that.
This quirky adult colouring book
Finding work a little stressful right not? This design is perfect for channeling the anger and frustration in a positive way. Honestly, after a little doodling you'll feel so much better.
This foot spa
It might not boost your productivity but a foot spa will give you the much-needed time out to relax and unwind. Which, in turn, should mean that you're better able to focus. This vibrating, three-in-one foot spa is the epitome of tranquility.
This handy sound machine
For days when the stress becomes too much and you find yourself struggling to focus, feel calm or fall asleep, a sound machine can be a winner. (I struggle to focus and white noise has become my ultimate BFF.)
This relaxing eye mask
For soothing puffy eyes or dark circles, this reusable eye mask is a godsend – and it's suitable for both hot and cold use.
This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
For those days where you're finding it hard to relax, this is the one. Plug it in, add some water, pop in a few drops of your go-to relaxing essential oil (I tend to favour lavender myself), and you should soon start to feel a little more relaxed.
Galacticspa Rainbow Star Bath Bombs These rainbow star-shaped bath bombs
Sometimes, it's the little things that calm your mind, like these relaxing bath bombs that spew pretty pastel coloured plumes when added to your bath.
This goal setting planner
For feeling more in control of your time, this anti-procrastination journal can help. It allows you to map out your long and short term goals, keep track of your schedule, and ensure that your tasks remain on track.