12 Little Things That Will Help You Get Back Into A Routine This September

The essentials that will make your day easier, less stressful and a hell of a lot more productive.
Getting back into a routine after summer doesn't have to be a struggle
Getting back into a routine after summer doesn't have to be a struggle

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Whether you’ve spent summer traveling here, there and everywhere or you’ve been busy juggling work and childcare, September can be the perfect time to get back into a routine.

But after any kind of break or disruption to your usual flow, getting your day-to-day back on track can feel like a slog.

Panic not thou, getting your act together doesn’t have to be hellish. Take the right approach and utilise some smart buys and you can ensure you nail your new schedule from day one.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a selection of items that are sure to kick your routine success up a notch.

This handy smoothie maker
For busy people, a smoothie maker is a breakfast (and snack) godsend. All you need to do is dump in your favourite ingredients (for ease, buy these pre-chopped and frozen), press blend and you're good to go.
This cold brew coffee jug
What's great about cold brew is the fact you fill the jug up and brew the coffee overnight, which makes the mad morning rush a hell of a lot easier, because all you've got to do is pour it into a cup.
These reusable meal prep containers
If there's one thing that easily de-rails a routine, it's failing to plan for mealtimes. So, stocking up on meal prep containers (and actually meal planning of course) will make staying on track far easier.
This winged eyeliner stamp
Mornings can be hectic and time for makeup limited, which is where this super easy winged liner stamp comes into play. Simply position the stamp, gently press down, and voilà, perfect winged liner every single time.
This sunrise alarm clock
Start your day off right with a calm sunrise alarm clock, instead of waking up to a blaring alarm sound. (Honestly, it gets your morning off to a far better start.)
This heatless curling tool
For easier and less stressful mornings, this heatless curling rod is the dream. It's super easy to use, is comfortable to sleep in, and means that you wake up with your hair ready to go (all you need to do is unwind it).
This clothes refresher spray
For those mornings when you're in a rush and realise you haven't washed something that you need for work or the gym, this bacteria-blasting clothes refresher spray is a life-saver.
These tiered clothing hangers
Make deciding what to wear easier with these clothes hangers that let you see all of your clothes at once, instead of having to slowly sift through them. FYI, these are also amazing space savers.
An easy egg cooker
Like starting your day with eggs? Save yourself time and invest in an egg cooker. Honestly, they make cooking eggs (however you like them) a hell of a lot quicker and easier.
A good coffee machine
Okay, so technically a coffee machine won't help you hone your routine, but what a good cup of coffee will do is give you that little morning productivity boost you might need. (I speak from experience here.)
A weekly planner
For keeping on top of what's going on throughout the week, a weekly household planner is fabulous. This one works well in families or with housemates (especially if you need to juggle shower schedules!).
A productivity planner
For getting back on track and kicking the new season off to a good start, a productivity planner can work wonders. This planner allows you to streamline your daily tasks and schedule, while also tracking long-term goals and aspirations.