04/01/2017 14:27 GMT | Updated 05/01/2017 08:59 GMT

Charlie Brooker Battles The Canary Over 2016 Wipe's Jeremy Corbyn Coverage

'Yep, Barry Shitpeas is why Labour polling is so atrocious.'

Charlie Brooker has hit back in characteristic style after left-wing Corbyn conspiracy-supporting blog, The Canary, took great umbrage at his portrayal of the Labour leader in his show ‘2016 Wipe’.

The publication seemingly disregarded the concept of satire as it accused the screenwriter of a “jaw-dropping” character assassination.

Ignoring all the jibes targeting other politicians, the article on the site reads:

Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe descended into a hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn in its section on the Labour leadership election. The tipping point came when the Black Mirror creator suggested that Corbyn presides over racism in the Labour Party.

After Brooker showed a clip of Corbyn being unable to recognise TV presenters Ant and Dec, he joked: “If you think that’s tough, try getting him to recognise Ant n’ semitism.”

The article goes on to detail Corbyn’s long history of campaigning against such issues as anti-Semitism and apartheid in South Africa.

The author of the piece contacted Brooker on Twitter before writing, prompting this surreal conversation.

The Canary’s “pretty critical” piece concluded:

Satire should challenge claims in the mainstream media and make pertinent points through comedy. Instead, Brooker’s 2016 Wipe got fully behind the smear campaigns against Corbyn. The satirical show talks politics to millions of people. So it has a responsibility. But it appears to have squandered that responsibility this year.

The top-rated comments on The Canary’s Facebook page appear to give Brooker the edge. 

But over on Twitter things weren’t quite so polite.

Meanwhile, the New Statesman’s Media Mole had a go at suggesting some jokes The canary would be OK with.