18 Buys Under £10 For Those Slightly Embarrassing Problems You Google

We love these problem-solving products that address low-key embarrassing issues.
You googled it. These solve it. And all for under a tenner.
You googled it. These solve it. And all for under a tenner.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, HuffPost UK may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Our bodies can do things that embarrass us (bad breath, smelly feet and excess sweating, we’re looking at you), but buying the products designed to solve these issue can feel a little uncomfortable in itself.

There are some things we just aren’t comfortable purchasing in person and that’s ok. If you’re feeling flushed just thinking about stepping into a shop to pick up that Athlete’s foot powder, panic not – we’ve got you covered.

From odour blocking loo spray to breath freshening tongue scrapers and the right antiperspirant to stops excess sweating in its tracks, we’ve rounded up the fixers to help you solve your embarrassing problems without a trip to the shops.

This toilet stool for preventing constipation
Struggle with constipation? A crouching toilet stool that moves your body into the squat position helping to align the colon, makes going to the loo a heck of a lot easier.
This athlete's foot treatment
The chances are if you like to stay active, at one point or another you've developed athlete's foot and know just how itchy and uncomfortable it can be. This anti-fungal cream gets to work quickly, effectively treating the source of the infection.
This bad breath fighting rinse
Noticed that your breath can get a little pongy? This fresh breath rinse has been formulated to stop bad odours in their tracks, leaving you feeling confident and fresh.
This ear wax removal kit
Feel like your ears are a little clogged? An ear wax removal kit could give your hearing the boost it needs, quickly relieving discomfort in a safe way.
This super sensitive water-based lube
This water-based formula that’s 100% natural and designed with the most sensitive skin in mind is oral, vaginal and anal sex friendly.
These soothing and cleansing wipes
These handy wet wipes will not only help to make you feel fresh and clean, they’re formulated to be ultra gentle to sooth discomfort from painful haemorrhoids and piles. They’re also biodegradable and safe to flush.
This copper tongue scraper
A tool to stop bad breath in its track. A tongue scraper can be a game-changer when it comes to oral hygiene. The concept might sound icky but trust us, it works wonders.
This corn removal pen
Noticed a corn or callus on your foot but not sure how to treat it? This super concentrated removal gel is a must try. It safely and effectively removes pesky corns and calluses in just a few days. No scraping, no pain.
These hydrocolloid spot patches
Whether you suffer from the occasional pimple or your skin constantly flares up, these smart spot patches are the real deal for tackling breakouts. Peel the gel pad off, stick it over your spot, and wait until the patch turns white before removing it.
This all natural anti-chafing balm
Sick and tired of sore, red, stingy chub rub? We feel you. This water-resistant, vegan-friendly cream is a game-changer - it stops rubbing in its tracks.
These intimate vaginal wipes
For staying fresh and avoiding irritation, these intimate wipes are formulated with antibacterial tea tree oil and enriched with a soothing blend of oatmeal, calendula and chamomile. They're also free from colours and parabens and are pH balanced.
These odour eating insoles
Noticed that your shoes tend to get a bit whiffy? These odour eating insoles lock in odours and absorb sweat, helping to keep shoes and feet fresh and comfortable.
This extra strong anti-perspirant
Say goodbye to excess sweating this summer with this super strength anti-perspirant roll-on. Just one application can last for up to five days, keeping heavy sweating at bay. We've tried this and can confirm it really does work.
These cold sore healing patches
Speed up cold sore healing time with these discreet, ultra-thin hydrocolloid gel patches that can be used from the very first tingle and stay in place for up to 12 hours.
This anti-odour loo spray
Whether you’re a nervous pooer or you want to make guests feel more comfortable, this little spray is a game-changer. With up to 100 uses per bottle, a spritz or two into the toilet bowl before you sit down is all it takes to trap bad odours.
These cold wax strips formulated for sensitive skin
Strip your skin of excess body hair easily and conveniently with these simple cold wax, double-sided strips.
This dandruff beating shampoo
Whether you're dealing with an itchy or dry scalp, this anti-dandruff shampoo will give your head (and your hair) all the moisture it needs.