27/11/2018 10:16 GMT | Updated 27/11/2018 10:17 GMT

Kids Who Skip Breakfast More Likely To Be Overweight, So Here Are Some Quick And Healthy Ideas

Cereal isn't necessarily a no-no 🥣

Children who rarely eat breakfast are more likely to be overweight than their peers, according to a new study of children in Scotland.

The research, conducted for the Scottish Government on behalf of ScotCen Social Research, found 34 per cent of children are overweight by age 10, including 19 per cent who are obese. 

Almost half (44 per cent) of children who only ate breakfast occasionally were overweight or obese, compared to 31 per cent of children who always ate breakfast. 

But we know getting kids to eat a nutritional breakfast isn’t always easy, especially when you’re dashing off to work yourself. 

HuffPost UK previously asked British Dietetic Association (BDA) spokesperson and paediatric dietitian Aisling Pigott for some healthy, yet quick, ideas for kids’ breakfasts you’ll all love.

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1. Cereal

“If cereal is something that suits you as a parent that’s fine but make sure it is low sugar and high fibre,” says Pigott. Many cereals do contain high levels of sugar, but Pigott says there are plenty that are fine for children. “The best ones are oat-based,” she says. “Weetabix or wholewheat biscuits are great as they tend to be low in sugar and it’s quick and easy. This is in comparison to cereals such as Cheerios which are high in sugar.” 

When buying cereal for your kids, compare labels and choose the option with the least sugar per bowl. Find out the cereals which contain the most sugar here.

2. Porridge And Fruit

Pigott says an ideal breakfast includes some carbohydrates, some protein and some fruit and vegetables. “The perfectly healthy balanced breakfast would be oats (with nothing added), milk and some fruit on top, such as banana or berries,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be be complicated but that’s a great option and will keep them full through until lunch.”

Try out this banana porridge with raspberries recipe here

3. Egg/Beans On Toast

If you’re looking for a slightly more time-intensive alternative or something to make the kids at the weekend, Pigott says a good option that’s high in fibre is  eggs or baked beans on toast, as long as you choose wholemeal toast. “It’s quite filling and not too complicated or long-winded,” she adds. 

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