Childhood Obesity

Health campaigns, a weight loss app or even banning adverts and promotion deals will not help the poorest households afford a healthy diet, Dr Nisreen Alwan writes.
Dame Sally Davies made the suggestion in her final report as outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England.
Cases in children are on the rise. Here are seven signs parents should watch for.
Parents said characters result in kids pestering them for sweets and snacks.
Supermarkets selling Easter treats far too early, health officials warn.
“Still waiting for that study on the impact of poorly thought-through research reported by misogynist media outlets.”
Obesity is projected to cost the health service around £10bn by 2050.
Public Health England have launched a new campaign aimed at helping families cut down on their sugar intake. Child obesity is at an all time high and children are consuming an excess 2,800 sugar cubes a year. There are some easy swaps to be made in order to lower this and give children a healthier option.
40% of 10-11 year olds in the capital are overweight or obese.