18/12/2017 14:23 GMT

Here Are The Most Festive Beauty Looks To Try Your Hand At This Christmas

From Grinch to glitter.

The festive period brings out the creative side in some, from DIY Christmas jumpers to unusual tongue-in-cheek trends

Now, Grinch-themed beauty is something of a trend on social media, with makeup enthusiasts posting their looks to Instagram and Twitter.

But the opportunity for creativity doesn’t have to stop at the infamous anti-Christmas character, as there plenty of ways to get festive with your makeup

Whether you go all out with your cosmetics or opt to focus on a particular feature, here the looks to inspire your imagination this Christmas. 

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This peek-a-boo Grinch.

This holly meets glitter delight.

This awesome lady nutcracker.

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This lips-only detail. 

This snowflake eyeshadow. 

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