Coca-Cola's 'Selfie Bottle' Makes Us Want To Leave The Planet

Where's that asteroid when you need it?

If you thought selfie sticks signaled the end days, then don’t hold your breath because humans have outdone themselves yet again.

We bring you the latest in gimmicky-technology-that-makes-you-want-to-smash-your-head-against-your-keyboard, the Coca Cola ‘selfie bottle’.

Coca Cola

Seemingly designed by someone in the Coca Cola marketing department who took a fancy to Snapchat’s spectacles but decided they could make a more frustratingly narcissistic version.

The custom built ‘selfie bottle’ is fitted with a camera at the base of the 500ml container and takes a picture of your face every time you tilt it past 70 degrees to take a swig.

Designed for the Coca Cola Summer Love campaign in Israel, they are anticipating that the results will be widely shared on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram encapsulating the ‘party spirit’ of the beverage.

Unfortunately for Coca Cola, the face most of us pull when drinking the sugary syrup is that of extreme guilt as we contribute to the ticking diabetes time bomb in our guts.

That or we’re really hungover lying in bed and feeling sorry for ourselves, and that isn’t going to make for a shareable viral content either.

It is moments like this that make us envy the quiet dignity with which the dinosaurs left the planet in a giant fireball.


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