The Same Jeremy Corbyn Train Jokes Are Being Made By Everybody (But They're Still Funny)

All public transport is ram-packed this morning.

Following on from Jeremy Corbyn’s PR nightmare on Tuesday, people are still making fun of him on social media.

The Labour leader found himself in hot water after Virgin Trains released CCTV footage showing him walking past empty seats on a London to Newcastle service shortly before making a video from the floor of a carriage claiming he’d been unable to find a seat.

Corbyn has been labelled a “hypocrite” for using the opportunity to call for renationalisation of the railways in the video, in which he said the train was “ram-packed” and he failed to find somewhere to sit.

After a rousing response from people on Twitter braying at his misfortune, the jokes are still rolling, particularly one. Lots and lots of people have been sharing images of empty seats, lightly filled carriages and spacious rooms claiming they’re “ram-packed”.

Despite the popularity of this particular joke, it’s still somehow really funny every time.

In response to Virgin’s damning CCTV evidence, Corbyn’s campaign spokesman suggested Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson was “having a pop” at the Labour leader because he was upset at the party’s plan to renationalise the railways.

Corbyn then clashed with a journalist on Wednesday morning when asked about the scandal, saying there were more important things to discuss.

Meanwhile, Virgin Trains may be facing a probe from the Information Commissioner’s office for releasing the footage.