Crazy S**t People Say To Dads Highlights Outdated Stereotypes: 'You On Mummy Duty Today?'

'You get two weeks off to chill on paternity leave?'

Four dads have spoken out about the shit people say to them on a day-to-day basis when they're looking after their kids.

Highlighting how outdated and insulting stereotypes can be, the dads want to prove that it's normal for them to take on parenting responsibilities... just like any mum.

'Her hair is adorable... did her mum do it?'
Make It Work
'Her hair is adorable... did her mum do it?'

With one dad being asked if he was on "mummy duty" and another being congratulated because he gets to "chill on paternity leave", some of the stories are plain ridiculous.

The video was created by the Make It Work Action campaign, who are trying to remove the assumptions of outdated 'dad' roles in the family.

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