paternity leave

Both mums and dads will be eligible for 52 weeks 🍻
Expecting a baby? Then you need to be sure what your rights are at work. Here’s a brief guide to what you may be entitled to.
Some companies continue to full or partial salary during maternity leave – but that's entirely at their discretion, so check your company's policy.
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A bill was passed in Parliament that would allow fathers of a newborn to have 10 days parental leave. The private member's Labour Laws Amendment Bill, proposed by ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley, aims to give fathers the opportunity to take paternity leave. Fathers find this to be to be a step forward in building better relationships with their children and partners.
Fathers could get 10 days paternity leave.
On the second anniversary of a revolutionary policy that gives parents the opportunity to split time caring for their new born baby, studies have revealed that as little as one percent of men have so far taken up the opportunity to do so.
Paying Parental Leave at the level of Sick Pay (the minimum suggested by the EU) would hardly change that overnight; Statutory Sick Pay in the UK is just £89.35 per week - less than the already-paltry £140.98 that those eligible for SPL can claim.