5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Cat's Trip To Groomers Ends In Despair

Poor Ollie.

Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day and, quite frankly, we’re devastated there’s a no-dog policy in our office. Somebody needs to sort that out.

To coincide with the day of joy, researchers at the University of Lincoln conducted a survey (commissioned by Purina, mind you) and found employees who often take their dog to work report 22% higher satisfaction with their working conditions.

In other dog-related news, a major study this week shined a light on puppy dog eyes (not literally) and the fact doggos have actually evolved to look sad. Studying the facial anatomy of wolves and dogs, scientists suggested that dogs have developed a small muscle around the eyes which allows them to raise their inner eyebrow more intensely, giving them that ridiculously cute look that renders humans the world over totally powerless.

In other news...

1. Cat Gets Horrendous New Haircut.

We’ve all been subjected to a bad haircut at least once in our lifetime, but this moggy really drew the short straw. He returned from the groomer looking like a helter-skelter mated with a toilet brush.

Ollie, we are truly sorry.

The furry boots. The tail. Oh god.

2. This Dog Is Now The Subject Of A Sought-After Clothing Collection.

When Dave received a t-shirt with his dog Bob’s face on, he thought it was a pretty funny joke present. When he decided to wear it in public for the first time, he was surprised to find people were seriously into it. So much so they asked him where he’d got it from... spawning a delightful collection of Bichon Bob-themed merch.

3. Cat’s Waistcoat Fitting Photo Is 10/10.

In other style-related news. Rolf is Warwick University’s campus cat. He’s been gearing up for an awards ceremony on 24 June and oh. my. god. his tiny sequinned waistcoat is the stuff of dreams. Love it.

4. This Dog’s Spatial Awareness Is Off The Charts.

This tiny sausage dog carried a stick SIX TIMES (?!) its girth and managed to navigate it through a tight gap between a fence and a lamppost. Honestly, the dude deserves a medal.

5. Dog’s Paralysis Won’t Stop Him Living His Best Life.

This French Bulldog was partially paralysed a month ago and it clearly hasn’t stopped him loving life. Here he is playing fetch like an absolute boss.