Cute Karate Kid 'Saves' Girl From Big Bad Instructor And Becomes A Tiny Hero

Like a true superhero he doesn't hang around for praise.

A tiny boy with a rather large sense of injustice, came to the rescue of a girl who he thought was being picked on by someone a lot bigger than she was.

The girl, who was sparring with her karate instructor, was clearly outmatched - and the boy was outraged at the unfairness of the fight.

The moment was captured on camera by watching parents, who were rather amused by the show down.

The boy stepped up to take the instructor on - without any regard for his own tiny stature.

Like a true superhero the boy doesn't hang about waiting for praise for his bravery. He strides off into the sunset - otherwise known as the other side of the gym.

But he does cast one backwards glance to check the girl is safe.

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