Cute Karate Kid 'Saves' Girl From Big Bad Instructor And Becomes A Tiny Hero

Like a true superhero he doesn't hang around for praise.

A tiny boy with a rather large sense of injustice, came to the rescue of a girl who he thought was being picked on by someone a lot bigger than she was.

The girl, who was sparring with her karate instructor, was clearly outmatched - and the boy was outraged at the unfairness of the fight.

The moment was captured on camera by watching parents, who were rather amused by the show down.

Youtube/Kyoot Kids

The boy stepped up to take the instructor on - without any regard for his own tiny stature.

YouTube/Kyoot Kids
YouTube/Kyoot Kids

Like a true superhero the boy doesn't hang about waiting for praise for his bravery. He strides off into the sunset - otherwise known as the other side of the gym.

YouTube/Kyoot Kids

But he does cast one backwards glance to check the girl is safe.

YouTube/Kyoot Kids
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