16/05/2017 14:55 BST

Dad Claims He Is Not The 'Babysitter' When Mother-Of-Six Goes Away

'The house will not be trashed.'

Many parents will be (disappointingly) familiar with the assumption that mum does all of the work, while dad is on standby to help out every now and then.

But one father-of-six has gone viral after he took to Facebook to explain exactly how the parenting responsibilities are divided out in his household. 

With his wife Jessica out of town on a work trip for several days, Jeremy Martin-Weber, knew that many people would be quick to assume that he would struggle to pick up the slack left by his spouse’s absence.

Instead as their dad, he said: “Looking after them and guiding them and caring for them is my responsibility.”

In his post, which has now been shared over 1,000 times, Martin-Weber listed all the chores that need to be undertaken during a normal week: “Now to figure out who will cook and feed my children, will get them to school on time, will pick our clothes for our youngest to wear, will respect their routines and help hold those boundaries for them.”

He also listed other parental responsibilities, such as helping with sibling fights, reading them bedtime stories, and modelling love, kindness and “all the good things” to them. 

He added that the house would not be “trashed” or the kids ruined because dad is in charge for a short period of time, he added: “This dad can look after his own kids.”

And for doing that, he does not expect praise or adoration, because he is doing what women do every day without that acknowledgement.

He said: “It is enough that the mother of our children and I communicate our appreciation to each other for all the things we do for our family,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more dad.