Daily Express' Reveals Brexit 'SHOCK' Warning That Shocks Absolutely No One

'What religion is the Pope? The answer may surprise you!'

The Daily Express ran a “crusade” to get us out of the European Union, hit out at “arrogant Remainers” and demanded Britain “sever ties with Brussels NOW”.

But the tabloid has suddenly done a volte-face, tweeting a “SHOCK” warning that Brexit might actually be bad.

Many were shocked when it appeared to have had something of an epiphany.

Daily Express

It cited a report by the Rand Corporation, saying “a no-Brexit deal would cost the UK nearly five per cent of its overall GDP – around £104bn – over the course of ten years after Brexit”.

But it seems no one else was suffering quite the same “SHOCK”.

While others suggested the real shock might be the Express’ own surprise.

Some wondered what exactly was going on in the Daily Express’ newsroom.

While others were just a little worried.

Whatever next?

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