14/07/2018 15:09 BST | Updated 16/07/2018 10:20 BST

Daily Mail Describes London Anti-Trump March As 'Rent-A-Leftie Mob'

Someone has helpfully translated it.

The Daily Mail has described the 100,000-strong anti-Donald Trump march that brought the capital to a standstill on Friday as a “rent-a-Leftie mob” that “shames Britain”.

The newspaper also portrayed Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the protests calling him a “pygmy” and insisting it showed “the worst” of the country to Trump during his controversial UK visit.

In what it describes as an “extraordinary day of contrasts” the Daily Mail instead made much of “the pomp” of the President’s visit with the Queen in Windsor.

Matt Zarb-Cousins, who used to work as Corbyn’s media spokesperson described the front page as a “spectacular self-own” and suggested the portrayal of the Labour leader was in fact positive.

It was a sentiment shared by many others.

Despite the Daily Mail’s positive spin on Trump’s meeting with the Queen, it didn’t quite go to plan.

The President ended up walking in front of Her Maj as he messed up a ceremonial inspection of the Guard of Honour.

At the same time, tens of thousands of protesters swarmed the streets of central London to protest during Trump’s first visit to the UK as US president.

Organisers of the Together Against Trump mass demonstration claimed they had been told by police that more than 100,000 protesters had joined the march by mid-afternoon.

And in Parliament Square a giant inflatable Donald Trump was the centre of attention for much of Friday morning.

It then travelled north where the 20ft inflatable was flown at a protest in Edinburgh

It prompted Trump to say it made him “feel unwelcome” in the city, on his second day of a four-day UK visit.

Campaigners confirmed the blimp will fly in the Meadows, where a protest march against the US presidents ends, from around noon.