Friends Star David Schwimmer Teases What's In Store For Reunion Special

The Ross Geller actor will reunite with his co-stars when filming begins next week.

David Schwimmer has teased what fans should expect from the long-awaited Friends reunion special, which is to begin filming in a matter of days.

It was first confirmed back in February 2020 that the cast of Friends would be recording a nostalgic look back at the show for US streaming service HBO Max, but due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, filming has been pushed back on a number of occasions.

On Friday night, David – who played Ross Geller in the hit 90s sitcom – made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, and lifted the lid on what we have to look forward to in the one-off special.

He told the host: “We’re going to be shooting a Friends reunion next week so I’m hopping on a plane this afternoon. I’m gonna see everyone next week for the first time in many years.”

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

David continued: “There’s nothing scripted. We’re not in character, we’re all ourselves – the real people.

“We are all ourselves, although there is one section of it that I don’t want to give away, but we all read something.”

The actor also confessed that it’s been a long time since he actually sat down and watched Friends, joking: “I should have genned up on old episodes, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to catch up on the 236 shows.

“I guess I need to watch a lot over the next five days!”

The cast of Friends pictured ahead of the show's last series in 2004
The cast of Friends pictured ahead of the show's last series in 2004
NBC via Getty Images

Last month, David revealed that special measures were being taken to ensure that filming went ahead safely in the pandemic.

He explained: “Finally, I mean, we figured out a way to film it safely and there’s going to be a portion of it that we filmed outside because of, you know, for safety protocols.”

David declined to reveal who would be on hosting duties for the unscripted episode, but ruled out Ellen Degeneres and former Friends guest star Billy Crystal.

Back in January, former cast member Lisa Kudrow revealed she’d “already shot a little something” for the special, teasing: “It is not a reboot, it is not like a scripted thing, we are not portraying our characters.

“It is us getting together, which just doesn’t happen and has never happened in front of other people since 2004 when we stopped.”

Watch more of David’s Graham Norton interview below:


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