David And Victoria Beckham Poke Fun At Viral 'Working Class' Squabble In New Ad

The couple's Uber Eats ad will also feature a seriously A-list cameo.
David and Victoria Beckham are to star in a new advert that will air during the Super Bowl
David and Victoria Beckham are to star in a new advert that will air during the Super Bowl
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David and Victoria Beckham are putting a cheeky spin on one of the most memorable moments from the recent Netflix doc Beckham for a new ad campaign.

A teaser released on Tuesday for their upcoming Uber Eats advert shows the football legend urging his wife to “be honest” about details of the commercial, which is set to air in the US during the Super Bowl next month.

In the clip, Victoria wears a T-shirt bearing the phrase “My dad has a Rolls-Royce,” while noting that “Jessica Aniston” ― playfully misstating the name of actor Jennifer Aniston ― will also appear in the commercial.

“We love Jessica,” the former Spice Girl concludes.

The campaign is a wink at a now-viral scene from Beckham, in which the singer recalled meeting David for the first time. Sparks flew, she said, when she turned up at one of his Manchester United matches.

But when Victoria Beckham described her parents as “very working class,” the comment prompted her husband to sternly remind her to “be honest”, after which she acknowledged that her father drove a Rolls-Royce at some point during her childhood.

The Uber Eats campaign isn’t the first time that David has zinged his wife over the exchange. On New Year’s Eve, he shared a photo on Instagram that showed him enjoying a holiday lunch with the singer and her parents at a five-star luxury hotel.

“Very working class,” he quipped in the caption. “My mother and father-in-law left in their [Rolls-Royce].”

Viral moments aside, Victoria has said that filming the docuseries was a “liberating” experience for her.

“I was very mindful that usually, when I did my filming, I would be controlling,” she said in a Financial Times interview published last week.

“But this was very much about David, and so I took the approach of, I’m just going to be very easy‑going here.”


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