People Are Just Realising Victoria Beckham Is Hilarious – But These 12 Moments Prove She Always Has Been

Posh Spice aka, the Queen of comedy.
Victoria Beckham in the Netflix documentary
Victoria Beckham in the Netflix documentary

Whether it was revelations about his lengthy football career, or insights into his private life, there was a lot to learn in David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary.

However, one of the biggest takeaways for many people has been how genuinely hilarious Victoria is.

Social media has been awash with praise for Posh, who makes various contributions in the documentary that have had viewers howling.

A number of moments from the doc involving Victoria have gone viral on social media, including her recalling how “pissed off” she was at David going to a photoshoot with Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé just as she was about to give birth, or trying to claim she grew up “working class”...

But real ones know that actually Victoria’s hilarious sense of humour is nothing new – as these classic moments prove...

1. When she was nearly arrested but was more concerned about her footwear


VB will always be an icon 💅 @iconicpopculturex #fyp #viral #victoriabeckham

♬ original sound - boohoo

2. It’s not the only time she’s voiced her thoughts on flat shoes, however

3. She did, however, come around to the idea to the idea of a pair of Crocs, even if she did previously say she’d “rather die”.

Well... they're certainly eye-catching
Well... they're certainly eye-catching
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

4. When she uttered this gem after meeting the Queen

5. When she asked for her drivers licence photo to be retouched

6. When she delivered this Oscar-worthy piece of acting in Spice World: The Movie

7. When she made her tongue-in-cheek debut on TikTok


#StitchPosh to show me how Posh you really are TikTok... and tell me you’re Posh, without telling me you’re Posh. I can’t wait to see x VB

♬ original sound - Victoria Beckham

8. When she similarly sent herself up in this Vogue sketch

9. When she really didn’t enjoy listen to Freed From Desire

10. When she had this Spice Girls karaoke moment


Warming up the vocals in Miami! More to come 🤫!! 🎶🎤

♬ original sound - Victoria Beckham

11. When she came up with a cheeky name for David’s honey


The Beckham sticky stuff 😂🐝🍯 @davidbeckham (or should I say David Attenborough 😂) I rate it 10/10!!

♬ original sound - Victoria Beckham

12. When she stood up to Piers Morgan

All four episodes of Beckham are streaming on Netflix now.


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