Victoria Beckham's Cheeky Christmas Present For Husband David Has Got Us Saying... 'Pardon?!'

Yup, she really did just say what you think she said.
David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has finally given the definitive answer to the old question… what do you buy the man who has everything?

Chickens, apparently.

In an Instagram video posted on Boxing Day, the Spice Girls star revealed the Beckham brood had grown even bigger after she treated husband David to some chickens as his Christmas present.

“Merry Christmas. What did you get for Christmas, David?” Victoria asks the former England striker (who is seen sporting a Santa hat in the clip), to which he enthuses: “I got some chickens!”

“And actually,” she then adds. “There’s a massive cock in there as well.”

“What to get David Beckham for Christmas?” Victoria continues, before joking: “They’re a bit camera shy, these chickens. And a cock.”

Good grief.

We’re going to try not to think too much about the fact that in Victoria’s next update, David was seen laughing while posing with some poultry for the family’s festive dinner.

“We love you so much,” the fashion designer wrote in the post, addressing her husband directly. “Happy Christmas, you are our everything, we love you so much.”

Earlier this year, David and Victoria found themselves back in the spotlight in a big way thanks to the Netflix documentary Beckham, which explored the former footballer’s sporting career and rise to global fame.

But while the doc may have been centred around David, it’s not unfair to say that Victoria wound up stealing the show pretty much every time she appeared on screen…


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