02/03/2017 10:39 GMT | Updated 02/03/2017 10:42 GMT

Dev Patel Might Have A Girlfriend And We Are Destined To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Alone

Time to adopt some cats.

You might want to hide that Pinterest wedding board people, because we’re afraid we have some bad news. 

In the worst case of spanner-in-the-works since you deleted Tinder and entered a fully-committed relationship with carbohydrates, Dev Patel now has a girlfriend.

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

That’s right, Patel taking his mum as his date to the Oscars last week was not a  signal for you to finally swoop in like a love eagle and make your move.

It was just a doting son doing a nice thing. How disappointing. 

How do we know this? He already has a girlfriend (probs).

It has been rumoured that the ‘Lion’ actor is dating Australian actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey, but now pictures have emerged of the pair looking really bloody happy and holding hands.

And the internet is heartbroken.

And because the internet is wonderfully predictable, everyone is processing the news in their own way.

Oh guys, we’re happy for you really. 

(Dev call us.)