Dev Patel

To suggest that the inability to find an actor to play Aladdin is due to the difficulty involved in finding someone of Middle-Eastern/South Asian heritage who can act, sing and dance registers, to me, as the racial equivalent of the man who blames all of womankind for his inability to find a girlfriend. Maybe, love, the problem isn't them - it's you.
In ‘Master Of None,’ Ansari captures how rejection of religion can be perceived as rejection of culture.
He may not have taken home the golden statue, but Dev has given us something far more valuable: a genuine and authentic representation of people like us for the first time.
Oh guys, we’re happy for you really.  (Dev call us.)  You might want to hide that Pinterestwedding board people, because
The Lion actor has aced everything from standard penguin suits to swervy navy tuxes this awards season, and this streamlined
'She’s more than deserving of being here... more than me, actually.'
While the red carpet is usually synonymous with style show-stoppers, this year the must-have accessory for a number of the
— Then there's his accent. Dev pulls off a pretty convincing Aussie accent in "Lion," but his real-life British lilt will