17/05/2017 16:44 BST

Diane Abbott Gets Lost On Stage After Police Federation Conference Speech

Yet another gaffe from the shadow home secretary.

Diane Abbott has suffered another embarrassment after struggling to find her way off a stage after addressing a police conference.

The shadow home secretary had already been jeered by the audience while she spoke at the Police Federation’s annual conference on Tuesday, according to the Sun.

Abbott was critical of the police’s use of highly controversial spit hoods.

Officers have argued that the hoods prevent the spread of infections like hepatitis C, while opponents claim they are inhumane.

Abbott took questions from the audience before trying to leave the stage - but it didn’t quite go to plan.

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
Diane Abbott has suffered a number of embarrassments in this election cycle

Abbott marched off stage right only to discover there was no exit and she had in fact walked straight towards a wall.

She then had to return to centre stage and step over a barrier in order to leave, as the crowd could be heard laughing.

This isn’t the first time Abbott has struggled with police-related issues.

She was derided for a car crash interview earlier this month in which she struggled to explain how much Labour’s policy of recruiting 10,000 more police officers would cost.

When questioned over figures related to Labour’s manifesto pledged to introduce 10,000 more police officers, the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP got her numbers horribly mixed up.

She initially quoted the total cost of the plan as just £300,000 (which would leave each new officer with a salary of £30 a year).

When pressed on her maths by LBC presenter Nick Ferrari, she then responded: “No. I mean. Sorry. They will cost. It will cost. About £80 million.”