diane abbott

The veteran MP says she is the victim of a vendetta by the Labour leadership.
The independent MP used the senior Tory's infamous language in reference to 41 people dying in a shipwreck off Italy.
"I condemn the words she used," the Labour Party leader said.
Lord Mann said her remarks were "historically wrong, factually wrong, politically wrong‚ÄĚ.
Senior MP expresses unease with post suggesting Rishi Sunak doesn't want child sex abusers to go to prison.
The Labour MP said that it stops young people ever getting on the property ladder.
The former shadow home secretary said: "It’s almost as if they think all black women look the same."
No.10 hit back saying: "Obviously that claim is untrue."
The Labour leader stopped short of endorsing 11 backbenchers who signed a Stop The War Coalition letter on Ukraine.