diane abbott

Labour leader says "no decision" has been taken to block the veteran MP.
Veteran MP says she is "delighted" to have the Labour whip returned after it was suspended last year.
She was suspended more than a year ago over allegations of anti-Semitism.
Yet the party are still refusing to say if the UK's first Black woman MP can stand for Labour.
“How come Natalie Elphicke is an acceptable face for Labour....and Diane Abbott is not?"
The Tory donor was reported to have said the veteran MP made him "want to hate all Black women".
Maria Caulfield refused to be drawn on Frank Hester's firm receiving £400m in NHS contracts.
The business secretary insisted the country "has moved on" from the row over Frank Hester's comments about Diane Abbott.
The cabinet minister suggested the ongoing furore around the Tory donor is now "trivia".
Transport secretary Mark Harper was asked if he was "embarrassed" about taking donations from Frank Hester.