Dominic Raab Blocks James O'Brien On Twitter Over 'Loony Left Anti-Brexit Rants'

"The perfect, and horribly predictable, conclusion to my little film."

Conservative MP Dominic Raab has blocked James O’Brien on Twitter after the LBC host published a video dissecting his public comments.

The seven-minute clip began with Raab stating he doesn’t support the Human Rights Act or “economic or social rights” before cutting to a town hall meeting where he was questioned by a woman who said Tory policies “kill people”.

The video was Tweeted by the LBC account and subsequently promoted by O’Brien who also highlighted some of the replies.

Raab appeared to take offence at the tweets, replying: “Always flattered to be targeted by the Looney Left, James, but you can take your anti-Brexit rants and your student politics elsewhere - you’re blocked.”

O’Brien called Raab’s actions “the perfect, and horribly predictable, conclusion to my little film” and emphasised that all the things in the video were already on the public record.

The exchange prompted a number of people to further criticise

On Saturday Raab was the target of placards at the huge anti-Brexit march on London.

Pop group Bastille brandished banners including one that read: “I want more than adequate food.”

The slogan was in reference to a promise by Raab to ensure there is “adequate food supply” if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

In November when was Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Raab said he did not understand the “full extent” of how reliant the UK is on the Dover-Calais crossing.

Pro-EU campaigners and MPs seized on the Brexit secretary’s “stunning” admission.

Jenny Chapman MP, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister, said: “How are we meant to trust this government to deliver a good deal for this country when we have a Brexit Secretary who doesn’t even understand the very basics of Brexit?”

Dominic Raab.
Dominic Raab.
PA Wire/PA Images

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