28/04/2017 14:51 BST

Donald Trump's First 100 Days Set To Autotune Is Rather Brilliant

It's actually kind of catchy...

Donald Trump and his administration’s catchiest quotes have been turned into the musical number you didn’t know you needed in your life.

From fake news to North Korea, the video, created by satirical site The Poke, all the soundbites we’ve rolled shaken our heads at in disbelief appear in “100 Days Of Trump: The Autotune Remix”.

The Poke’s editor John Plunkett said; “Our auto-tuned, toe-tapper features a medley of highlights from the most bizarre presidency in U.S history. It’s odds on to be a floor-filler in nightclubs across Moscow this summer.’

This isn’t The Poke’s first foray into musical numbers.

The site created an autotune remix of Nick Clegg’s tuition fees apology speech, which even reached 33 in the iTunes download chart.

The profits from I’m Sorry were donated to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.