Donald Trump Supporter Kayleigh McEnany Makes Basic Error Attacking Barack Obama Over Golf

And offends a lot of people.

A prominent Donald Trump supporter has been mocked for making a basic error while trying to defend the president against criticism for constantly playing golf instead of working.

Kayleigh McEnany, a writer and commentator who endorsed Trump early in the presidential race, went on CNN on Monday to discuss how he has played golf 13 times since becoming president two months ago.

Defending the president, she said: “You have President Obama who, after the - I believe it was after the beheading of Daniel Pearl - spoke about how upset he was and then rushed off to a golf game.

“I think, when we’re in a state of war, when we’re in a state of mourning, you should take time off from the golf course.”

Pearl was a Wall Street Journal reporter who was beheaded in Pakistan in 2002 - when George W Bush was president. Obama was a relatively unknown Illinois state senator at the time.

Twitter followed up by jokingly accusing Obama of inappropriately playing golf after most events in American history and television drama.

Others were appalled at citing the brutal death of Pearl to defend Trump.

McEnany was likely referring to James Foley, the US journalist abducted and then beheaded by the so-called Islamic State in 2014.

Obama was on holiday at the time and went to play golf shortly after he made a statement condemning Foley’s murder.

He later said this was a mistake and that he “should’ve anticipated the optics”.

Trump’s supporters have often cited the fact Obama played golf to defend the current president against claims he spends too much on the course.

But Trump is playing golf at a far greater rate.

Trump was photographed in golfing gear in Virginia this weekend but conservative network Fox News tweeted he was “working in the White House”.

The press had been told Trump attended “meetings” at his Virginia golf club. He was photographed inside watching golf on TV.


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