Donald Trump's Mexico Visit Is A Hilarious Proposition For A Lot Of Twitter Users

This should go well.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, famous for his anti-Mexican rhetoric, has announced plans for a last-minute meeting with Mexico’s president.

The real estate magnate will meet with Enrique Peña Nieto, who has compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, on Wednesday ahead of a planned speech on immigration in Arizona.

Trump announced the summit in a tweet on Tuesday night, which prompted a lot of hilarious responses from users envisioning a less-than-civil meeting between the two.

Ignoring the syntax errors in his tweet and the hordes of people replying who genuinely think Mexico is some sort of Mad Max-esque crime-ridden wasteland, a lot of people saw the irony in it all.

It’s no surprise tweeters aren’t taking the whole thing seriously.

Trump has previously made waves in the central American nation for referring to large numbers of their population as “rapists,” “criminals” and “killers,” as well as calling for a large wall on the US-Mexican border (which he says Mexico will pay for). All this makes the prospect of the meeting even more ridiculous.

What will the land of tequila and tacos hold for El Hombre Naranja Con Los Manos Pequeños? Only time will tell.

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