Critics See A Brutal Self-Own From Donald Trump As He Explains Debate Avoidance

The thrice-indicted ex-president was explaining why he's sitting out Republican debates when he made the remark that begged a reply.

Donald Trump on Friday practically begged for mockery while explaining at an Alabama fundraiser why he won’t debate Republicans running against him for the presidency. (Watch the video below.)

The thrice-indicted ex-president cited his huge lead in the polls, saying: “I love to debate, but you know sometimes you don’t want to be a fool. You want a smart president. You don’t want a stupid president.”

On social media, his critics pounced immediately.

“And there we go, admitting his inadequacies,” one wrote.

“Who is going to tell him?” another commented.

Trump has repeatedly called himself a “stable genius” and boasted of a high IQ test score that he will not disclose. He also once asked about injecting oneself with disinfectant to treat Covid-19.

Jokesters on the platform formerly known as Twitter couldn’t help but chime in on what they saw as a not-so-smart self-own in Alabama.


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